Bomb Accessory


These stencils are low tack cut stickers. They are designed for one time use. Stencils are available for these WW2 bombs: AN-M30 100 lb AN-M57 250 lb AN-M81 260 lb fragmentation AN-M64/43 500 lb AN-M65/44 1000 lb AN-M66/34 2000 lb

Suspension Lugs

These are post World War 2 screw in type suspension lugs. Fits 250 – 1000 lb bombs. These original suspension lugs are used but in good condition. Threads are approx. 1 3/4″ – 12 The lugs are marked: MS 3314 …

Nose and Tail Plugs

Nose and tail plugs fits all AN-M bombs from 100-1000 lbs. plugs are CNC machined aluminum. 2″ plug fits the nose and 1 1/2″ plug fits the tail.

WW2 Bomb Impact Fuse Sets

An exact copy of a M123-125 bomb tail fuse and AN-M103A1 nose fuse, a standard in WW2 GP bombs. Choose between Army or Navy Nose fuses. Tail fuses are the same for Army or Navy. CNC machined aluminum This replica …

AN-M103 GP Bomb Nose Fuze

AN-M103 GP Bomb Nose Fuze CNC machined aluminum This replica nose fuze is free rotating. Its designated use is for 100 lb – 4000 lb GP bombs.   Bomb Nose Fuze Fun Facts Principle of Operation: During bomb’s release from …

Bomb Box Fins

Aluminum and composite Box Fins: Fins sold separately for replica or real bombs: •AN-M30 100 lb bomb •M38A2 100 lb practice bomb •AN-M57 250 lb bomb (Coming Jan. 2014) •AN-M64/43/76/78 500 lb bomb •AN-M65/44 1000 lb bomb (Coming Dec. 2013) …

Bomb Hoist Straps for 500 lb Bomb

BOMB HOIST STRAPS: The bomb hoist trap was used to cradle and lift 500 and 600lb bombs up to bomb rack. It makes a great bomb display.

Bomb Shackles

Bomb Shackles: •Bomber style bomb shackles sold separately. These shackles are used to suspend bombs to a bomb rack inside bomber bomb bays. These bomb shackles are used and my contain rust. Bomb Shackles available: B-11 – 14″ Lug spacing …

Barter for Bombardiers


  • American Air Dropped Bombs
  • Japanese or German Bombs
  • WW2 Tropedos
  • B-17 Radios & Racks (Radio Room)
  • WWII Aircraft Fighter & Bomber Seats
  • Gun Turrets (B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26)
  • Bomb Racks (B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, TBM)
  • Prop (1) & Spinner (P-40, P-38, P-51)
  • Engine Cowlings (WWII)
  • Bomb Hoist
  • Bomb Cart (Single Bomb)
  • Bomb Trailer
  • Bomb Stand
  • Pilots Apparel (WWII)
  • Ejection Seat (Vietnam Era)
  • Bomb Fuses (WWII - Vietnam)
  • Bomb Shackles
  • MK-15 100 LB Practice Bomb w/ Original Markings
  • M38A2 100 LB Practice Bomb w/ Original Markings
  • M2 50 Cal + Base (E-11, E-13) Whole or Parts
  • Machine Gun Aircraft Mounts
  • M6 Bomb Service Truck
  • Military Technical Manuals
  • M2 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • Thompson Machine Gun
  • Air Dropped Ordnance
  • BIF Bombers Information File
  • Combat Helmet: USA, British, Japanese, German




War Relic Replicas
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