Build It Yourself

Flight Simulator Molds for WW2 P-51 fighter and Modern Shuttle

I’m Selling 2 flight sim molds. One is for a World War 2 fighter P-51 and the other is for a one man modern shuttle type vehicle. I am not selling the flight sims but the molds to build them. …

AN-M64/43 500LB Bomb B.I.Y. Kit

AN-M64/43 500LB GP Bomb B.I.T. Kit THIS BOMB LOOKS SO REAL, IT FOOLS THE EXPERTS. Coated olive drab with 1″ yellow stripes and black stenciling Bomb includes: Body, fins, fin lock nut, nose & tail plugs. WEIGHT: ……………………….. 16-22 lbs. …

AN-M81 260 lb Frag Bomb B.I.Y. Kit

AN-M81 260 Fragmentation Comp B – kit COMPOSITE REPLICA BOMB WAS MOLDED FROM AN ACTUAL WORLD WAR II BOMB. Coated olive drab (ARMY GREEN) with 1″ yellow stripes and black stenciling Bomb includes: Body, fins, fin lock nut, & nose …

AN-M65/44 1000 LB Bomb B.I.Y. Kit

$730 kit (save $120 when you preorder) AN-M65 1000lb GP Bomb Replica Kit For a limited time only, preorder the kit and save big. The AN-M65 replica 1000 lb bomb will start shipping mid December. WEIGHT: ………………….APPROXIMATELY 25-30 lbs. DIAMETER:………………………………….18 …

AN-M30 100 lb Bomb B.I.Y. Kit

AN-M30 100LB GP BOMB REPLICA – BUILD IT YOURSELF Save money, buy the kit. All the parts are fabricated and coated olive drab but the final assembly and finishing touches are reserved for the do-it-yourselfer. Just assemble fins, add the …

Barter for Bombardiers


  • American Air Dropped Bombs
  • Japanese or German Bombs
  • WW2 Tropedos
  • B-17 Radios & Racks (Radio Room)
  • WWII Aircraft Fighter & Bomber Seats
  • Gun Turrets (B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26)
  • Bomb Racks (B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, B-29, TBM)
  • Prop (1) & Spinner (P-40, P-38, P-51)
  • Engine Cowlings (WWII)
  • Bomb Hoist
  • Bomb Cart (Single Bomb)
  • Bomb Trailer
  • Bomb Stand
  • Pilots Apparel (WWII)
  • Ejection Seat (Vietnam Era)
  • Bomb Fuses (WWII - Vietnam)
  • Bomb Shackles
  • MK-15 100 LB Practice Bomb w/ Original Markings
  • M38A2 100 LB Practice Bomb w/ Original Markings
  • M2 50 Cal + Base (E-11, E-13) Whole or Parts
  • Machine Gun Aircraft Mounts
  • M6 Bomb Service Truck
  • Military Technical Manuals
  • M2 50 Cal Machine Gun
  • Thompson Machine Gun
  • Air Dropped Ordnance
  • BIF Bombers Information File
  • Combat Helmet: USA, British, Japanese, German




War Relic Replicas
Located inside Cable Airport
1749 W. 13th St.
Unit Hex-6
Upland, Ca. 91786