An exact copy of a M123-125 bomb tail fuse and AN-M103A1 nose fuse, a standard in WW2 GP bombs.

Choose between Army or Navy Nose fuses. Tail fuses are the same for Army or Navy.

CNC machined aluminum
This replica fuzes are free rotating. They’re designated use is for AN-M bombs 100 lb – 4000 lb GP bombs.

Tail fuse (M123) for 100 lb and 250 lb is 6.3″ long
Tail fuse (M124) for 500 lb is 9.3″ long
Tail Fuse (m125) for 1000 and 2000 lb is 13.3″
Army Nose fuse has a straight vane
Navy nose fuse has a triangular shaped vane

Bomb Fuze Fun Facts
Principle of Operation: During bomb’s release from the aircraft, the propeller (vane) rotates, allowing an impeller to spin. After a certain number of revolutions, the fuse becomes armed, allowing it to function. When the bomb impacts the target, the firing pin punches the detonator causing it to detonate, activating the booster charge, which causes the main charge to function. These bombs are equipped with nose and tail fuses. The common nose fuse is the AN-M103 and the tail fuse is the AN-M123-125.