Aluminum and composite Box Fins:

Fins sold separately for replica or real bombs:

•AN-M30 100 lb bomb
•M38A2 100 lb practice bomb
•AN-M57 250 lb bomb (Coming Jan. 2014)
•AN-M64/43/76/78 500 lb bomb
•AN-M65/44 1000 lb bomb (Coming Dec. 2013)
•AN-M66 2000 lb bomb (Coming April 2014)

All Replica fins are build from light weight composite materials and aluminum and are interchangeable with the genuine article. Metal fins are powder coated Olive Drab. Composite parts are gelcoat which is more durable then paint. The gel coat used is UV stabilized and can handle prolonged exposure to harsh weather and from people poking and prodding. Fins come fully assembled and coated or in kit form unpainted.