AN-M64/43 500LB GP Bomb B.I.T. Kit

Coated olive drab with 1″ yellow stripes and black stenciling
Bomb includes: Body, fins, fin lock nut, nose & tail plugs.

WEIGHT: ……………………….. 16-22 lbs.
DIAMETER:…………………….. 14 INCHES

BUILD IT YOURSELF Save money, buy the kit. All the parts are fabricated but the final assembly and finishing touches are reserved for the do-it-yourselfer. Just paint and assemble fins, add the identifier stripes and stenciling and you done.

•Kits for AN-M64 AND AN-M43 bomb bodies are coated olive drab. Fins, identifier stripes and lettering are not painted. A stencil for all lettering will be included. 4 fins included need to be assemble and attached to bomb body.

Kits include: Bomb body, 4 fins, fin retaining collar, fin lock nut, lettering stencil, and nose plug. Nose fuze sold separately.

All Replica bombs are build from light weight composite materials and aluminum. All threads are identical and interchangeable with the genuine article. Metal fins are powder coated. Composite parts are coated with gelcoat which is more durable then paint. The gel coat used is UV stabilized and can handle prolonged exposure to harsh weather and from people poking and prodding.


The AN-M43 was used in the first half of WWII. It contains 2 Army suspension lugs spaced at 14″ and will mount on 14″ bomb shackles. The AN-M64 was used in the later parts of WWII. It also has 2 Army suspension lugs spaced at 14″ and a Single Navy dive bomber lug on the opposite side. The stenciling varies between the two models. Other then that the replicas are identical.

AN-M64/ AN-M43 Fun Facts
The standard color scheme employed on these bombs since 11 March 1942 has been an olive drab body with yellow bands to indicate the H.E. filler. The banding system for Amatol and TNT fillers is a one-inch yellow band at the nose, a one-inch yellow band at the tail of the bomb body, and a 1/4-inch dotted band at the center of gravity. It’s explosive charge consisted of either 267 lbs of TNT, 262 lbs of Amatol, or 274 lbs of Composition B.
The AN-M64 Is a Cylindrical bomb with Nose and tail fuse and base plug. Equipped dual suspension lugs only.
The AN-M64A1 Is a Cylindrical bomb with Nose and tail fuse and differs from M30 by way of a tail adapter booster that locked into place. Allows for Single lug suspension. USAAF documentation listed target examples of: “Steel railroad bridges, subways, concrete docks, light cruisers, railways, light naval vessels, and a plethora of types of “soft” structures. It was deployed from both heavy bombing platforms, and from tactical aircraft. The minium safe drop altitude listed for the AN-M64 was 2500 feet. Arming wire used 82-3-234YA